Life After Baby – Work Edition

Life After Baby – Work Edition

If you have enjoyed the first months of your new baby’s life at home, the transition back to work can be a rough one. There are plenty of articles that talk about the emotional fallout and the inevitable guilt of going back to work. Don’t kid yourself, it is a significant obstacle to overcome, but(…)

Bidding the Corporate World Adieu (for now)

The non-traditional workforce is on the rise with over 42% of small businesses planning to hire online workers in the coming year. That’s great news for those who have made the decision to leave the traditional workforce behind. But really, in these economically uncertain times with everybody trying desperately to hang on to their job,(…)

The Job Share

If I wanted to work bankers’ hours, I would work at a bank. But I’m a journalist. And journalists work until the stories are told – until the papers are published, until the broadcast has aired, and in this day and age we work 24/7 to keep the world up to date.

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