Accounting, Operations & IT Specialist

  Location: Toronto GTA   HOW TO APPLY: The Company is hiring for this role through Career Meets Life. In order to be considered for the role please create your full job seeker profile here. About The Company The Company is a global executive professional development firm. Their comprehensive suite of services effectively helps business leaders(…)

QA Test Engineer – The Working Group

QA Test Engineer – The Working Group

To Apply TWG is hiring for this role through Career Meets Life. To apply, create your Career Meets Life anonymous job seeker profile here. Role Location: Toronto, Ontario A QA Test Engineer brings a technical expertise, user focus and investigative mindset to improve product quality at TWG. They have a passion for learning and developing new(…)

The Job Share

If I wanted to work bankers’ hours, I would work at a bank. But I’m a journalist. And journalists work until the stories are told – until the papers are published, until the broadcast has aired, and in this day and age we work 24/7 to keep the world up to date.

4 Tips to Kickstart a Career Change

Every other person I speak to these days seems dissatisfied with their work; they don’t have a clear idea of what they want to do with their life (yes, even after age 30, its possible to not know what you want to do), are in need of ‘some kind of’ change, are looking to bring and get more value and meaning out of their work, or simply just don’t know where to begin.

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