What Is The Career Meets Life Profile?  

What Is The Career Meets Life Profile?  

Career Meets Life recently launched its career matching service for professionals to showcase their talent to prospective employers. We have had a great response since our launch  and decided to write some more about the service itself.

Demonstrate skills & experience depth vs. traditional timelines

Our service is different from other online career services for professionals. The first thing you may notice when creating or viewing your profile, including the anonymous version (the view employers see), is that it does not follow a traditional ‘timelines’ format like a typical resume would.

This new layout allows professionals to display their ‘career story’, in other words show how they honed their top skills. It also offers the flexibility to demonstrate the depth of their experiences through listing multiple scenarios, projects or deliverables that have contributed to their success. These experiences that make up the ‘career story’ can come from more than one place of employment and also be tagged with additional skills that will be searchable by employers.

In sum, instead of providing an employment history, professionals can showcase their experience history allowing employers to find and distinguish job seekers based on an in depth view of the real working experience they have in their domains of expertise.

Position yourself for the role you want

Your Career Meets Life profile will give you another advantage over the standard resume: providing up front what your desired working conditions are, your desired salary and also listing your experiences. This will help you to direct your next career search to find what you’re looking for in the future. Instead of only having job opportunities for Operations Manager roles for example, you will be able to articulate your intimate knowledge and experience (albeit operationally) with Human Resources, and reposition yourself for a new career move into an HR function if you wish.

Tip: Think of the skills and experiences that are transferable across industries, fields or companies but also, don’t forget to include the specific experiences that describe how you’re ready for that next role you want to do (if it happens to be different from your last position(s)). No experience is too big or small.

Show some personality

Lastly, it doesn’t take a seasoned HR professional to recognize that often enough a traditional resume doesn’t offer much insight into one’s personality. This is a key piece of feedback from employers: during our research we found that a significant portion of hiring managers wanted to have a better sense of the person behind the resume.

Tip: Take some time to express yourself, and articulate who you are and what you value. Its ok to have a little fun and also keep this part of your profile professional & creative.

Keep the comments, questions and feedback coming!